Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reworking the reel

So my reel intro has needed some work for awhile. It's not creative/dynamic/awesome enough and looks crappy compared to the rest of my portfolio. Finally, on the road back from my trip to Austin an idea popped into my head. One of those "thank god! Finally!" moments, as I'd been pondering my approach for awhile. Anywho, I'd been rotoscoping my name for awhile and came up with the idea of collage. I did this one piece awhile ago to demonstrate how school made me well versed in a variety of media, and I think this sentiment carried over a bit in the reel opener.
Obviously it has quite a bit of work on it still, but you can kind of imagine it. I'll have more media spinning around in the back and longer roto on the logo, along with "reel" and "2010" somewhere (still not sure where this will go).
Lot of work to do, but at least I have a picture to go by now! :)
Very content with what's going on with it so far.

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