Sunday, October 23, 2011

Evolution of the UFC logo

 So it's been a long time in the making. Since another logo was picked, I really have no deadline except self-imposed ones which I'm always breaking. It's not exactly on the front burner but still very important to finish projects & go onto new ones. This is the original logo I started off with, all hand drawn with little tweaking in digital software. The vegetables are all drawn in my sketchbook & colored with watercolor paints.

From there I decided to try my hand at making it vectorized. In the development of it, though, it definitely lost that "handmade" feel. I tried to recover that with my latest version...

 I changed around the layout of the vegetables & reorganized them so that the color would be more evenly dispersed & so that no vegetables were touching but rather "spooning" one another. I added mild texture and a bit of blur to have that old faded look. Still not sure if it looks handmade enough, might have to individually texturize each veggie but it's definitely come a long way!

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